Hear less outside noise and more of your iPod or MP3 player with Tunz Solo. Fit perfectly to your ears, these high-quality headphones deliver a rich sound that off-the-shelf earbuds simply can’t match.
Ideal for MP3 players, gaming devices, computers and more, Tunz Custom Audio Monitors provide pure listening enjoyment. They are custom-fit precisely for your ears to block out unwanted noise and deliver the ultimate in comfort and crystal-clear sound clarity.


True audiophiles will find perfect harmony with our advanced Tunz Duo headphones. Their dual drivers and perfect fit deliver a full, robust sound — ensuring you hear every note of every song.


OTE Newscaster


Pilot Headset

Musicians Earmold Ultraflex

Musicians Earmold Biopore

Jawbone II Earbud

Jawbone Earbud

Custom iPod Earbud

Custom Earphone
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